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Elite Reception aerial installation Staffordshire provide a number of services from installations to multiple rooms in the home, through to minor repairs like aligning a satellite dish, we approach every job with the same enthusiasm and professionalism our customers know and love.

Aerial installations across Staffordshire

Here are some of the common TV aerial problems: Ghosting: Often caused when a TV signal travels by two different paths to a receiving antenna, with a slight difference in timing. Changing the direction in which your aerial is facing should resolve the problem. Otherwise, you may need to get a new aerial. Weak TV signal. This is perhaps the most common of TV aerial problems. You may be located too far from the TV station, or there may be a hill in between you and the station that is blocking the signal. You may look getting a new TV aerial installation done at a higher aerial, or use a booster to get a stronger signal. A weak TV signal can also be caused by a lead that’s broken or disconnected or your aerial may just be facing the wrong direction or badly positioned. Check this out first before going out and installing a new TV aerial. Electrical interference: Some home appliances may be causing interference that weakens your reception. Some small appliances, such as vacuum cleaners and razors, are easier to detect when they cause interference as they are turned on. Others may be a little harder to detect, such as your central heating thermostats or a freezer. Below are some common causes of poor reception and common TV aerial problems: Cable deterioration: A damaged cable is a common cause of bad TV reception. The jacket of your cable wears away over time. Water and bad weather can cause problems, especially during the winter months and if the damage is in the part of the cable that is located outside your home. The aerial: The aerial itself could be causing your bad reception. If it is old, it may be corroded and parts of it could be missing, causing poor performance. Elite Reception professional aerial installers based in Burton-on-Trent will come to your property and test your aerial adjusting for the optimal location. Aerial outlet. The aerial outlet inside your home can become loose over time. This can cause reception trouble. The outlet may also not be connected properly to the cable that runs outside to the aerial. If the insulation was not fully removed, it will not work properly. Fly lead. The fly lead is what connects the aerial outlet to your TV. It one of the most easy-to-fix common TV aerial problems. Fly leads can get bumped, broken or bent near the plug fitting.

Elite Reception has years of experience with aerial installations Staffordshire, installing television aerials for digital TV, our installers can provide the best advice and solutions to receive the Freeview signal at your home. All our Freeview aerial installations are aligned with a state of the art digital signal meter to guarantee the best reception no matter where you live!