CCTV Installation Derbyshire

Our CCTV installation systems in Derbyshire are designed and installed to provide effective protection of your property and the rest of your premises. With Elite Reception, CCTV installation in Staffordshire will only ever install the highest quality equipment. CCTV is the heart of an integrated system and supports verification of intruder and fire alarm activations. For large sites where the safety of thousands of people or premises with high value goods, cash or valuables and works of art, verification is essential if false positives are to be quickly and effectively screened out and positive activation prioritised for appropriate response by police or fire and rescue services.

Vandals deterrent in Derbyshire

Elite Reception CCTV systems are proven to be very effective at warding off thieves and vandals across Derby and Derbyshire. Clearly visible at all times, our cameras and units add that extra level of protection and peace of mind. 8/10 times the cameras them self will deter the offender away from your property.

CCTV Installations Derbyshire

A state of the art CCTV system in Derbyshire, designed and installed to your specific requirements, will provide an unparalleled level of security for your business. We work with businesses of every size and with some of the largest banks, building societies and retail chains in the UK, designing, installing and maintaining tailored CCTV systems. Every part of our service is delivered by in-house experts, allowing us to guarantee quality and security throughout.