No reception on TV Derbyshire

Some weather conditions like high pressure, which is associated with fine weather (and morning fog) can affect your reception. However, interference caused by atmospheric conditions is temporary and should clear once the weather changes.

Occasionally, routine engineering work is required on transmitters in order to improve terrestrial TV services. While every effort is made to minimise the impact on viewers, this can cause temporary disruption to reception. Check to see if there is planned engineering at your local transmitter.

TV Reception issues Derbyshire

Some home appliances can disrupt your reception. This happens because of power fluctuations at the mains. Try switching off other devices around the home and see if this fixes the problem. Common culprits include fridges, washing machines and tumble dryers, fluorescent lighting systems, lawnmowers, central heating systems and water pumps. To prevent interference, fit a mains filter to your TV equipment and keep your aerial and cables away from other electrical cables. Try moving devices like mobiles, cordless phones and baby monitors away from your TV.

Traffic, road works and radios used by the police or taxis can interfere with your reception. Prevent this by fitting a filter to your aerial and ensuring all cables are in good condition.

Trees, tall buildings and even hills can block signals from your transmitter to your home. If this occurs, get in touch with a local aerial installer – who should be able to advice on possible solutions, like redirecting your aerial to an alternative transmitter.