No reception on TV Staffordshire

From time to time you may experience issues with your TV reception, such as a pixelated picture or missing channels. In a lot of cases these will be temporary problems or have a simple remedy. On some occasions you may need some outside help: we recommend that maintenance on rooftop aerials is carried out by professionals to deal with reception problems on televisions in Staffordshire. But most problems can be easily fixed. Here are a few tips to help you improve your reception:

When customers tell us of issues with no reception on their television a common reason is that the aerial is not secure or in good condition. You should also check your external cabling and plugs/sockets along with any cables connecting your TV and recorder. Bad reception can occur if your external aerial is out of position and no longer pointing directly at the correct transmitter. Over a period of time, bad weather can damage your aerial.

If you bought an aerial amplifier before switchover because of a weak signal or reception problems, there’s a good chance you don’t need it anymore. Aerial amplifiers and splitters are a common cause of reception difficulty and can actually overload equipment. Try removing and see if this improves the situation.

No Reception Staffordshire

Depending on where you live, you may be able to receive signals from more than one TV transmitter. For example, you might get the wrong regional news. This may come about because the equipment automatically tunes to a weaker rather than stronger signal. For better reception, Digital UK has information on how to manually retune your TV or recorder to the correct transmitter for your address.

In some cases, aerials aren’t aligned to the best transmitter. Your aerial might be pointed at a large main transmitter but receive a much better signal from a smaller one that’s local. Get in touch with a local aerial installer to redirect your aerial and improve reception.